MOFA thanks South Korea for US$500,000 post-quake recovery donation

A donation of US$500,000 from South Korea for reconstruction in eastern Taiwan following a magnitude 7.2 earthquake earlier this month is deeply appreciated by the government and people, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs April 11.

The MOFA expressed gratitude to the South Korean government and Lee Eun-ho, Korean Mission in Taipei representative, for the condolences expressed over the casualties and damage caused by the quake.

The South Korean government has always provided timely assistance whenever there is a disaster in Taiwan, the ministry said, citing a donation of US$100,000 from the like-minded democratic partner for rescue and reconstruction after the February, 2016 magnitude 6.4 earthquake that hit southern Taiwan.

The ministry went on to express its praise for the positive relationship between Taiwan and South Korea, anticipating that the solid foundation would expand mutual support in the international community. (YCH-E)


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