News Ongoing war in Europe: Cities stand with Ukraine

By Martin Banks

A “European Solidarity March” in support of Ukraine, commemorating two years since the onset of full-scale invasion in the heart of Europe, will take place in Brussels this weekend.

The National March is scheduled for 25 February, starting at 11a.m. near the Rogier metro station.

Ambassadors from different states will also be joining the march and available to speak with the media.

As the war continues, some fear there is a danger of it fading from the forefront of our collective consciousness.

However, a march spokesman said, Now more than ever, we must reaffirm our commitment to peace, freedom, and democracy. The recent surrender of Avdiivka, coupled with the subsequent execution of Ukrainian soldiers by the occupying Russian forces, underscores the urgent need for increased support for the Ukrainian army.”

Marta Barandiy, Chairwoman of Promote Ukraine NGO, said, “European values are under siege as the barbaric aggression continues to threaten the very fabric of our societies. The invasion not only ravages Ukrainian soil but also seeks to destabilise the EU through various means, including media manipulation, economic coercion, and political interference. It is imperative that we stand in defence of Europe and stand by Ukraine”.

Els Ampe, Member of the Senate of Belgium,  adds, “The courage of the Ukrainians saves Europe from smugness. Western Europeans take our democracy, freedom, and security too much for granted. I support all Europeans defending the border with the Russian dictatorship. I’m so grateful to them.”

Rafał Siemianowski, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Poland to Belgium, emphasised, “Now, it is extremely important to provide Ukraine with all needed weapons to counteract the Russian aggression.

“For two years Ukrainians have heroically defended not only their country but also our freedom. Here in Brussels, we should express our solidarity with Ukraine and demonstrate our support for pro-European and pro-Atlantic aspirations of the Ukrainian society.”

Nobel Peace Prize winner 2022, Oleksandra Matviichuk, echoed the sentiment, in a special video appeal urging everyone to participate in the Brussels March, stating, “The future support of Ukraine depends very much on the fact that all of us, with joint efforts, will be able to keep the focus on helping Ukraine.”

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