Smithsonian Channel Presents New Show, Aerial Greece

NEW YORK – The Smithsonian Channel presents Aerial Greece, a four-part program offering aerial views in high definition of Hellas. Season 1 of Aerial Greece begins with the following three episodes: The first, The Great Archipelago, highlights the Cyclades, the second features The South, and the third flies over Crete and the Eastern Islands, including the Dodecanese. Each episode runs 44 minutes. Aerial Greece is available online through Paramount+.

“There’s no better way to take in Greece’s great diversity, natural beauty, and mythic grandeur than to experience it from a god’s-eye-view,” according to the show’s online description. “This exhilarating aerial tour whisks you away on a four-part, cross-country journey above the heart of Athens, over the timeless, contrasting Aegean archipelago, and across eastern islands of mesmerizing beauty and priceless heritage. Along with the physical splendors, we also explore the human stories of the people who embody the ingenuity, resilience, and vibrant spirit of this remarkable country.”

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