Save the precious asset for Cyprus called Akamas

Statements by the General Secretary of AKEL A. Kyprianou after meeting with Environmental Organizations

AKEL will take initiatives with other parties and environmental organizations to react and save the precious asset for Cyprus called Akamas

“We would like to thank the Environmental Organizations and the Federation of Environmental Organizations of Cyprus for the very constructive discussion we had on an issue that is extremely important for Cyprus. The region of Akamas is a precious and invaluable asset for Cyprus and we must see how we preserve it. That was the purpose of our exchange of views with the environmental organizations today.

As far as AKEL is concerned, I want to make it very clear that our demand is that decrees should be issued on the Environmental Management Plan that exists for Akamas, so that they acquire a legal status. The second thing AKEL demands is the reversal of existing and previous violations, while the government, which should have been taking action for years to lift these illegal violations, doesn’t unfortunately want to listen.

We believe that there should be a broader overall plan for Akamas and not fragmentation as the Government is currently promoting. AKEL demands that the Local Plan of the Communities for Akamas must be given to the environmental organizations and political parties so that they can study it and express their own views in detail.

We are very concerned about the government’s scheming on Akamas and AKEL will seek to take initiatives with other political parties which agree with this approach, as well as with environmental organizations to react and save this precious asset for Cyprus called Akamas.”


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