Special Feature on Postwar Greek Adoptions

NEW YORK — Ethnikos Kirikas, on the occasion of “Children’s Day” on November 19, will dedicate November 20th issue of PERIODIKO to the thousands of children who were transported en masse to America during the Second World War and beyond, to be adopted and assimilated by American “Baby Boomers.”

These adoptions are not a fairy tale. We as a newspaper have a duty to present data, because the problem of obscuration around the origin of children and the lack of control over their destination is great and the adoption system in Greece has proved to be weak in most adoptions. Many children who are now middle-aged are looking for their roots in Greece. We want to help thousands of people with Greek blood discover the sacred lands of their homeland and to illuminate this dark aspect of history.

We ask our readers if they know of adoption cases of children from Greece to America or they themselves have been adopted to contact us at via email: [email protected] or call us at

929.399.0960 (USA) or 6462.477.879 (Greece) by November 10th.


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