Sydney students George and John Dedousis get ‘perfect’ International Baccalaureate score

Greek Australian twin brothers, John and George Dedousis, both scored a perfect 45 out of 45 in the International Baccalaureate (IB) when official marks were released on Tuesday morning.

John and George, who attended Trinity Grammar in the Sydney suburb of Summer Hill, were two out of four of the 115 boys at their school who achieved the perfect score.

The twins credited well-needed breaks while studying and relaxation as the key to their success, with John watching Formula 1 racing and George following Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) matches.

“I think many people don’t realise how much dedication and commitment is required to succeed,” John told the Sydney Morning Herald.

“The process of keeping up with the sport and its personalities outside of the fights themselves provided a well-needed break from my studies and was, in that sense, relaxing,” he added.

George and John both hope to study medicine and eventually become psychiatrists.


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