Tassos Evgeniou: The Greek Australian who has collected hundreds of signed football jerseys

By Takis Triadafillou.

Greek Australian Tassos Evgeniou (Sir Tass) has collected not one, not two, not three, but over 400 jerseys and autographs and it doesn’t stop there.

A loyal fan of Sydney Olympic FC and a close friend of Australian football legend Peter Katholos, Tassos is an avid collector of sports jerseys and autographs.

He has collected jerseys from around Australia and internationally that each have their own story. There are also jerseys of national teams that participate every four years in the biggest celebration of football – the World Cup.

Tassos was born in Liverpool, Sydney on 9 March 1970. His parents Takis and Eleni, are originally from Aigio in the Peloponnese, Greece. He also has two sisters Effie and Alexandra. His wife’s name is Rose and his children are Alexander and Victoria.

We spoke to him about his jersey collection and when his passion for collecting began.

When and how did you start your collection?

I started at the age of 12 in 1989 with the World Cup won by Italy and since then it has become a passion, a cult and a need. I estimate that I have over 400 jerseys and autographs from all the international football players and coaches.

Did you play any football at all?

Very little at Liverpool Olympics and at school but it really didn’t pull me to get fully involved. My father often took me to Sydney Olympic from the age of five.

What is the rarest jersey you have in your collection?

I have one of the Great Maradona.

Which jersey is missing from your collection?

Eric Cantona and I hope to meet him either here or in Europe.

Which coaches have you met?

Otto Rehhagel in Melbourne in 2007. He signed a book for me and at the same time we took photographs. Also, when he came to Melbourne again with the national team, Katholos and I had problems with security when we tried to meet him. But when Otto saw us, and of course remembered me from our previous meeting, he demanded the men leave us and we found ourselves in the presence of greatness.

I recently also met Sir Alex Ferguson who had come to Sydney and from official information they gave me I met him at the hotel where he was staying. He signed a biography I brought which he had published 15 years ago. That was important to me.


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