The Andrianopouloses Have Something Baking at Mykonos – in Massachusetts

Running the Mykonos Café & Bakery in Millbury, MA is a family affair that takes especially hard work because husband Chris Andrianopoulos owns A&D Pizzeria and Pub right across the street.

His wife, Sonja, concentrates on Greek baked goods based on family recipes, said Worcester magazine in a feature on the family’s businesses, Mykonos also having American and Italian pastries.

Sonja Andrianopoulos was born in Albania and grew up in Greece. Her parents, George and Natasha Andrea, live with their daughter and son-in-law in Millbury and help out at the bakery.

Natasha not only bakes, but also has read coffee cups at special bakery events, her daughter told the magazine. “Many of our customers know my mother only as yiayia (Greek grandmother) and not by her first name,” said Andrianopoulos. “They absolutely love her. And, of course, her pastries. She makes the best.”

Sonja has a lot on her plate. She is Vice-President of Private Wealth Management for Citizens Financial Services, has a degree in math and computer science, a Master’s in Business Administration and is working on getting her doctorate. And bakes.


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