US Amb. George Tsunis: The US will assist in Greek-Turkish relations if requested

He stressed that he is excited by the depth of relations between the governments of Greece and Turkey, which, he said, are ready to talk.

The US Ambassador to Greece, H.E. George Tsunis, emphasized the intention of the US to help facilitate discussions and improve relations between Greece and Turkey, if requested.

He stressed that he is excited by the depth of the relations netween the two governments, Greece and Turkey, which, he said, are ready to talk with the aim of de-escalating tensions in their relations, which he expects to see even more after the elections. As he noted, this will benefit both countries and emphasized the need to emphasize diplomacy with the aim of peaceful coexistence.

He emphasized, however, that the threats of the Turkish press against Greece are an insult to the dignity of the nation. However, he emphasized that in an election year many things are said and there must be a choice in the meaning given, while he emphasized that they were not followed by relevant actions. “The two countries have been next to each other for millennia [sic]. There are good diplomats and efforts must be made to coexist peacefully without meaning that we can solve all problems” he noted and referred to the good relations he maintains with his Turkish counterparts, stressing that “We must leave behind rhetoric and annoyances”. He also mentioned that there are issues in communication from time to time, which may be accompanied by misinterpretations and excessive reactions.

When asked about the purchase of F16s by Turkey, he noted that the day will come when the country will be able to receive the aircraft when the tensions and grievances will be a thing of the past. “The US and Turkey have traditionally had close relations. We hope that we will return to those days of close cooperation”, stressed Mr. Tsunis, while underlining that Europe should “treat Turkey better. We should be able to coexist peacefully.” At the same time, he noted that it is particularly important for the US to ensure that Greece receives the F35s.

Greek-American relations

Answering a question about the internal political scene of the country and relations with the USA after the elections, he emphasized that the American government maintains amazing cooperation with the Greek government, making it clear that this will not change, whatever the outcome of the upcoming elections. At the same time, he recalled that this excellent cooperation has been maintained for over a decade despite four different governments.

Finally, speaking about the developments related to the war in Ukraine, he noted that a clear message must be sent that no autocratic leader will be given the right to change borders, while he underlined the important role that Greece will have in the effort to reconstruct Ukraine.


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