16 April 2021: This day in history

1457 BC: Battle of Megiddo: Egyptian forces of Thutmose III defeat a large Canaanite coalition under King of Kadesh. First battle recorded with a reliable account.

1705: Queen Anne of England knights Isaac Newton at Trinity College, Cambridge

1746: Jacobite Rising 1745: Battle of Culloden, the last battle on British soil: Royalist troops under the Duke of Cumberland defeat the Jacobite army of Charles Edward Stuart

1900: US Post Office issues 1st books of postage stamps

1917: Vladimir Lenin issues his radical “April Theses” calling for Soviets to take power during the Russian Revolution [OS Apr 4]

1948: Organization for European Economic Cooperation (EEC) forms in Paris

2003: Treaty of Accession is signed in Athens admitting 10 new member states to the European Union

Source: Onthisday.com

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