5 June 2022: This day in history

1873: Sultan Bargash bin Said under British pressure closes the infamous slave market of Zanzibar in modern day Tanzania

1947: US Secretary of State George Marshall outlines the “Marshall Plan” to rebuild Western Europe

1963: State of siege proclaimed in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini arrested

1967: Six-Day War begins between Israel and the neighboring Arab states of Egypt, Jordan and Syria

1968: Palestinian Sirhan Sirhan shoots Robert F. Kennedy three times, who dies the next day. and wounds 5 others at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California

1981: AIDS Epidemic officially begins when US Centers for Disease Control reports on pneumonia affecting five homosexual men in Los Angeles

1981: World’s first today in history program with editable data “TODAY”, invented by Michael Butler runs for the first time on a mainframe computer

1984: Indira Gandhi orders an attack on Sikh’s holiest site, the Golden Temple in Amritsar


Source: Onthisday.com

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