Boris Johnson continues Greek holidays in Karystos (video)

The outgoing British PM has come under harsh criticism for his vacations.

Outgoing British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who has now been spotted in Karystos, is continuing his vacation in Greece.

With a short-sleeved T-shirt, he seems to have in front of him packages of food and a laptop, on which he is working, while as can be seen in the photo, he is at a point overlooking the sea.

At the same time, in a report and photographic material published by the Daily Mail, it is specified that Johnson was found at the restaurant “The Aegean” in Karystos, above Potamos beach.

A few weeks before leaving 10 Downing, Johnson chose to take a holiday in Greece. But his choice caused an uproar in Britain.

The British media are targeting him as they say he is enjoying his holiday while the people in Britain are plagued by a cost of living crisis. As the Daily Mail comments, which cites videos and photos from the exclusive report of on Saturday, with Boris Johnson shopping in a supermarket in Nea Makri, his critics say that he is leading a “zombie government”. For their part, Labour is describing the last few weeks of Johnson’s government as a “big party”, as he enjoys a holiday with Carrie Symonds in Greece.

Boris Johnson’s allies denied he has already ‘thrown in the towel’ after he was spotted in Greece on another holiday – and removal vans turned up in Downing Street.

Senior Tories insisted the PM is ‘still working’ despite being seen lounging at a restaurant called The Aegean in Karystos.

The PM was spied shopping for groceries with his wife Carrie in Nea Makri, a coastal town close to Athens.

Mr. Johnson’s father Stanley has a villa a few hours away in Horto.

The couple picked up wine and other supplies at a local store. The premier then packed his shopping into a bag at the tills, before it was loaded into a black SUV.

The Johnson’s jaunt to Greece comes hot on the heels of their trip to Slovenia for a belated honeymoon, as the couple enjoys their second holiday in as many weeks while the public at home contends with spiraling energy bills and inflation.



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