Council Tax Reduction: Pensioners could get 100% discount on bill – are you eligible?

Pensioners may be able to get a discount on their Council Tax bill up to 100 percent through Council Tax Reduction. This could provide a valuable saving for people who need financial support.

Council Tax Reduction can be claimed by people who are on a low income or claim certain benefits.

It replaced Council Tax Benefit in April 2013.

Britons can apply regardless of whether they own or rent their home.

Both employed and unemployed people can apply.

However, the scheme is not available in Northern Ireland.

How much can people get?

Those who receive the Guarantee Credit element of Pension Credit may be able to get their Council Tax paid in full.

Pension Credit is a benefit paid to people who have reached state pension age and are on a lower income.

The Guarantee Credit part of Pension Credit provides a weekly income top up for pensioners.

State pension age Britons may be able to get their income boosted to £177.10 a week if they are single or £270.30 if they are in a couple.

Savings Credit, the other element of Pension Credit, provides a lesser amount of support to people who have more income.

Claiming Pension Credit in any form could help pensioners to make themselves eligible for a variety of other benefits, such as Council Tax Reduction.

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The exact amount of Council Tax Reduction someone can get may vary in different parts of the country, as each local council is responsible for operating their own Council Tax Support scheme.

How much someone gets could depend on:

  • Where they live
  • Their circumstances, such as their income, number of children, benefits and residency status
  • Their household income, including their savings, pensions and partner’s income
  • If their children live with them
  • If other adults live with them

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How to apply

As local councils are responsible for their own scheme, Britons must apply to their relevant council.

By entering their postcode on the Government website, people can be matched to their local council.

They will then be given a link which will take them through to their local council’s website, where they can find out more information.


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