Graduation Ceremony for Greek Afternoon School of St. Thomas Cherry Hill

CHERRY HILL, NJ – The graduation ceremony of the Greek Afternoon School of St. Thomas Greek Orthodox Church in Cherry Hill took place on June 9. The ceremony was attended with great emotion by parents, relatives, and the Parish Council including its President Charles Sandilos.

The 13 students after eight years of study, with pride and love said goodbye to their school.

All the children deserve congratulations for the titanic fight they gave in the middle of a pandemic to achieve their goal.

The National Herald The Greek School graduates and the presiding priest of the St. Thomas community, Fr. Christoforos Oikonomidis, posed for a commemorative photo. Photo: Steve Lambrou

Presiding priest of the community Fr. Christoforos Oikonomidis, the chairman of the school committee Tasos Efstratiadis, and principal Panagiota Delimaris congratulated students and parents for their persistence and struggle for the perpetuation of the Greek language.

Maria Katsikis was named Valedictorian while Simeon Poulathas and Eleni Moraitakis were named as the school’s two salutatorians.

The National Herald The Greek Afternoon School graduation ceremony at St. Thomas in Cherry Hill took place on June 9 with the community’s presiding priest, Fr. Christoforos Oikonomidis, at right, among the speakers. Photo: Steve Lambrou

The guest speaker for the graduation was Joseph Antonakakis.

AHEPA provided plaques for the salutatorians. The community’s maturity club gave a monetary gift to every graduate.

The National Herald Left to right: The St. Thomas Cherry Hill Greek School Salutatorians Eleni Moraitakis and Simeon Poulathas, and Valedictorian Maria Katsikis. Photo: Steve Lambrou



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