Greek High School Students Win Eurostat Competition

Three Greek students from a high school in Thessaloniki triumphed in the European Statistic Competition held by Eurostat.

The team comprised students from the Hasiotis High School of the American Agricultural School and was the first Greek team to win a competition organized by Eurostat. Last year the team reached second place but this year they were able to take the top spot and become number one in Europe.

The Greek high school team faced off against tough international competition from 1,444 schools, 5,208 teams, and 19,388 students from 19 European countries. Earlier this year, the team placed second in the national statistics competition held in Greece.

Greek students triumph in Eurostat competition

The winning team from Thessaloniki’s Hasitois High School consisted of three members in the third year of studies: Polykarpos-Aris Kalaitzidis, Dimitrios Paroutis, and Maria-Anastasia Trevla.

It was the third time that the team participated in the competition. The students were guided by their math teacher, Olga Grigoriadou. The team will have the opportunity to celebrate their victory during an award ceremony held in Luxembourg on June 26.

Commenting on the success of the students, their high school said “It was preceded by their excellent performance in the national statistics competition 2023 of the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT), where they took second place, which gave them the “ticket” for their participation in the European competition.”

“As part of it, they prepared a two-minute video about… well-being,” the school continued. “It presents the life of “Yiannis”, a young man trying to survive in Greece in 2023, with the inherent problems and wounds left by the long-term economic crisis. Along with the storytelling, the viewer is bombarded with statistics and tables that confirm the picture,”

The victorious Greek students also had a chance to comment on their win at the Eurostat competition. “We worked hard and methodically. It is the third year that we participate. Statistics is a very interesting science and extremely fascinating,” they said.

The competition

According to Eurostat, the purpose of the competition is “to promote curiosity and interest in statistics among students, to encourage teachers to use new materials for teaching statistics by promoting the use of real data provided by official statistics and search for applications of acquired statistical knowledge.”

The Eurostat competition also intends “to show the role of statistics to students and teachers in various aspects of society, and to promote teamwork and collaboration among students to achieve common goals.”

Eurostat’s main responsibility is to provide statistics for the institutions of the European Union.


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